SoundCloud genre #Dream pop envelops the listener in relaxation


Contemplation of albums from whitneyupdate #Dream Pop playlist linked below. Photo illustration by Rachel Marquardt

SoundCloud is a world of numerous self-invented genres that are developed through other genres and classify some of the branches of true indie music. Some of these self-created genres are unbearable, and it’s rare to find one that is truly addictive and displays a calming mood. One of these rare and addictive genres is #dreampop. The combination of synth, repetition and synth vibes create a feeling that swallows you in relaxation. It’s the perfect music for any night, whether it be the crazy weeks of finals or the sunsets of summer nights.

Dream pop has been around for a while, but recently has blown up in the indie stream section of SoundCloud. Artists that use this hashtag for their music include Blondfire, Last Dinosaurs, and the most famous Paperwhite, who just released their EP album “Escape” that itself is labeled #dreampop. There are also multiple accounts that repost dream pop music. Paperwhite’s new album has five songs, their most famous song already stocking up to almost 500,000 listens. Dream pop is usually associated with #Dark Disco.

Songs labeled #dream pop include synth similar to ‘80s music or electronic sounds produced on a synth board. They produce a steady repetition of a melody and beat that isn’t focused on rich and thick strumming of the guitar, but more electronic, fusing into the new era of music that can all be made with the pressing of buttons. The use of multiple layers of sound creates an overwhelming sound, but one that does not overpower, because all of the sounds are used in harmony with one another, and are not harsh sounds, but calming such as bongo drums or but rather drowns the listener.

Another aspect of this genre that creates the relaxing feeling heard is the use of layering the singer’s voice so it creates melody and harmony. Just the sound of harmonizing and echoing in the music helps to create depth in the music, making listening to the singer even more calming.

Overall, dream pop is not just another genre, but a revolution of relaxing music that can bring passion out of anyone. With the repetition of the lyrics supported by the electric steady beat and synth sounds, it relaxes and calms the listener effortlessly.

The lyrics of #dream pop songs are also very inspirational, usually having to do with overwhelming emotion. Last Dinosaur’s song “Apollo” talks about “I’m ready to feel the things I’ve never felt.” Paperwhite’s album, their song “On My Own” sings about “drifting through the waves of emotion.” These lyrics focus on opening your eyes into a new world, which adds to the beauty of the sound that comes along with #dream pop music. with the relaxing sound that radiates through this music creates the “vibes” that teenagers of my age search for when calming down or driving with friends to go on an adventure.
#Dream pop, unlike a lot of the other genres created by SoundCloud users, is one worth listening to. Its addictive sound creates an overwhelming feeling of relaxation, perfect for a stressful or easy-going day. Its repetition, lyrics, and overall multitude of layers create the perfect sound for any occasion.