The Green Hornet: super hero or vigilante?

Jay Chou as Kato and Seth Rogen as The Green Hornet

By Sony Pictures

In “The Green Hornet,” Britt Reid (Seth Rogen), son of the publisher for L.A.’s newspaper The Daily Sentinel, lives an irresponsible life dependent of his father’s fortune. Following the death of his father, Reid is left with his father’s wealthy empire and befriends Kato (Jay Chou), one of his father’s employees. Together, they experience a drunken night together where they escape trouble thanks to Kato’s martial art skills. Then they magically devise an plan: they would fight crime, while simultaneously commit it. Equipped with indestructible car, the Black Beauty, the Green Hornet has been born with Kato serving as his sidekick.

As the film develops, Britt Reid hires a secretary, Lenore Case (Cameron Diaz), and a romantic sub-plot occurs between the two of them. Also, Benjamin Chudnosky (Christopher Waltz, L.A.’s underground crime-lord, begins to hear about the Green Hornet and plots to take them down.

Though comedic, the film fell below expectations for dedicated fans of the comic book and 1930s radio show because the film barely follows the original story. As well as the fact that the storyline throughout the whole 119 minutes made little to no sense. Although, for anyone who appreciates wonderful production quality, the film is filled with smooth transitions from scene to scene and displays well-made beginning and end sequences. And unlike most movies released today, the 3D effects are really incredible.

“The Green Hornet” doesn’t live up all the hype that’s been made about it.