Kadin Louthan adjusts to his new life in California with the help of soccer


During practice Alex Martinez tries to stop Kadin Louthan from dribbling around him in a game of keep-away they played to work on communication.

Coaches and players alike cluttered the field on the first day of soccer tryouts. After weeks of conditioning, they were finally able to show the coaches what they could do with a ball at their feet. For Kadin Louthan this was his chance not only to make the team, but also to connect with people who share his passion of the sport.

Going into his senior year, Louthan moved to Rocklin from Salina, Kansas where he had lived for the past five years. His family moved in order to accommodate his dad’s new position as a manager at Roseville’s Park and Recreation Department.

In Kansas he left behind his soccer team, Wichita Rush, which was ranked 20th in the state.The one constant Louthan has had through his move was soccer. Whitney’s soccer team has allowed Louthan to meet new people and settle into his new life here.

“Prior to being on the team, I hadn’t met a lot of people. During and after tryouts I was introduced to lots of new people who I have become really close with. I think soccer has always helped me make friendships that last a lifetime,” Louthan said.

Coach Joel Williams has recognized Louthan as a valuable part of the team who has helped bring the defensive line up together.

“Louthan is a very flexible player, meaning we can put him in multiple positions and he will still excel. He mainly plays outside back but can also be placed as an outside midfield and do well with the team,” Coach Joel Williams said.

As the season has progressed, so has Louthan and Josiah William’s friendship. Williams is the goalie for the men’s varsity team and has to work closely with Louthan during games to prevent the opposing team from breaking through the defense. Williams was able to recognize both his skill and good character.

“My first thought of Kadin, or Kansas as I call him, was that he had great passes and he was strong for his size. I knew he would make a great defender if he made the team. Despite being kind of quiet, you could tell he had a confident demeanor,” Williams said.

While many play soccer for complex reasons, Louthan has found a simple motivator: the joy it brings him.

Louthan said “To me I play because it is fun. Although I can be competitive I always try to have fun with the game. I hope it doesn’t get to the point where I don’t have fun because that would be the only thing that could make me quit permanently.”