Annual clubs rally is done a little differently this year

Photo by Katie Rogers

Students filled the gym for the annual clubs rally on Jan. 28. This year the rally had a detective theme and the gym was decked out to look like people were in a game of Clue.

Like all rallies, the gym was broken into four sections for each class but this year each section was labeled with a room from Clue. The freshman were in the lounge, the sophomores in the billiard room, juniors in the kitchen and seniors got the library.

The rally opened with a video of the wildcat being blackmailed and how it was up to the “detectives” so solve the case and catch the “culprit.”

Since it was the clubs rally, Vocal Adrenaline club was the first to perform; they sang “Secret” by The Pierces, followed by a dance performance from PAK 4 to a two-song medley.

The Drama and Culinary clubs also showed off their skills by acting as characters from Clue and serving food for the “guest.” “I liked the rally. I think the acting was really entertaining,” Ryan Speroni said.

For the Clue skit the Drama club acted out different scenes in separate “rooms” of the gym which ended with either someone “dying” or being cleared of the crime.

The rally involved three different games, all of which were dominated by the sophomores and seniors.

One of the games involved a tag team which consisted of one person eating what looked to be a chocolate pudding pie with no hands followed by the next person guzzling down a bottle of Powerade.

In the end, Mr. Thunder was found guilty of the crime and the Wildcat was free to go.