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‘The Greatest Showman’ shines a bright light on the circus

from IMBd, used with permission

from IMBd, used with permission

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‘The Greatest Showman’ released December 8, 2017 made me feel inspired and amazed on how well it was put together. It features PT Barnum (Hugh Jackman) and his pop up circus journey to fame.

PT Barnum was poor for most of his life until he had a great idea to start a circus to give his family what they needed. It goes through the heartaches and triumphs of his life and his career in the circus. The mishaps that occurred along the way with fires, family drama and money problems twisted the plot so that you were rooting for the circus to be successful.

The make-up done on the characters was heavy and vibrant, while the costumes were a little weird and dramatic they often wore costumes that looked like you might wear on Halloween. Ranging from a bearded lady to “the tallest man in the world,” the costumes were unique to each character.

There was suspenseful parts in the movie like when the non supporters lit the circus on fire.There were some controversial subjects for example the African American woman dating a white man. The director, Michael Gracey, did amazing job directing this movie and kept people entertained for the running time of 105 minutes.

The casting director made amazing choices in his cast. Hugh Jackman did a great job portraying PT Barnum because he showed so much emotion. Zac Efron played the role of Phillip Carlyle, PT Barnum’s business partner, with style and flair. Zac Efron related a lot to this film as well as others in the past because of the musical aspect.

Cinematography was an important part to this movie. There are various set changes, a lot of dancing, different costumes, and an additional challenge of having the perception that some of the characters were tall (the tallest man in the world) and some were actually dwarfs.  The cinematographer did a good job making sure that they all looked like they fit into the scene.

Musicals are not for everyone.  The music and frequent break out into song was enjoyable, however the songs were lengthy and not always necessary for the scene being portrayed. I personally loved the film because it was put together nicely with a surprising scene at the end.


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‘The Greatest Showman’ shines a bright light on the circus