What music are teachers listening to?


World History and Geography teacher Ms. Suzie Main points to her white board with the words School Of Rock on it. Showing that teachers as well find inspiration from music.

World History and Geography teacher Ms. Suzie Main points to her white board with the words School Of Rock on it. Showing that teachers as well find inspiration from music.

Like students, teachers as well have outside school activities. At home teachers are just like everyone else with favorite music and hobbies.

—Mr. Clarke Powers has a variety of music he enjoys, with many artist he finds an interest in. He never tends to gravitate towards one artist or genre.

“I like alternative music. I like ‘90s alternative like Green Day and 741,” Powers said.

Powers shows that any type of artist or song can inspire you, whether it’s heartfelt or comedic.

“I like Lil Dicky. He’s a comedic rapper, and I think that he’s funny. I like how he does comedic raps like jokes with his rapping, and it makes you laugh while you’re listening to it. It inspires me to be nice and funny,” Powers said.

Geography teacher Mr. Dan Parker believes that there are so many different genres of music you can listen to and enjoy. You don’t have to only listen to and love one.

“I like a lot of different kinds of music. I like rock, classic rock, heavy metal and pop,” Parker said.

He’s not afraid to branch out to different types of music and enjoy different sounds. He finds inspiration from music and some of his favorite hobbies have came from the music he listens to.

“I started playing drums because of KISS. I find some kind of inspiration from all music whether it’s profound or silly. I try to get something out of everybody,” Parker said.

Parker likes to listen to bands and musicians that others don’t know. He feels that you don’t always have to be mainstream when it comes to music and you can always branch out into different kinds of genres and artists.

“I like listening to indie pop. The lesser known bands, smaller labels. It’s a lot of the stuff that’s not played on the radio. You go into Spotify and you can find these bands,” Parker said.

Parker enjoys seeing his favorite artists in person, he’s been to around 150 concerts.

He encourages people to not only keep rocking out but to follow his Spotify @dspn66.

English teacher  Mr. Patrick Gale shows that overtime your music taste can change as you grow.

“My first CD was the “Footloose” soundtrack, which was pretty rockin’,” Gale said.

Gale now enjoys ‘80s rock and ‘90s hip-hop. He thinks that there isn’t only one artist that can inspire you but many.

“I like to steal little tidbits from a whole bunch of different artists. I will say that most [artist] probably do come from rap songs. Like ‘Hold On Be Strong’ by Tupac,” Gale said.

Gale is telling us that we don’t have to take inspiration from just one artist. Many artist can inspire us in so many different ways throughout our life.

“I most often find myself listening to ‘90s or early 2000’s hip hop. Especially anything that came out of Death Row [a hip hop label] during that time. Or anything that was produced by Puff Daddy. I also do have a soft spot for Wu Tang Clan [a hip hop group],” Gale said.

Career & Technical Education teacher Mr. Brian Pointer believes that you should go out of your comfort zone when it comes to music.

“Listen to more music. Listen to stuff that is outside of what you would typically listen to. So put a playlist on random and get some exposure to music that you aren’t listening to because you tend to gravitate towards what you know and there’s so much more out there,”  Pointer said.

He shows how right now there is such a variety of music to hear and be amazed by.

“Right now is an amazing time for music because of the hybrids. It’s not just like there’s rock n’ roll, you might have rock n’ roll with country with reggae. There’s a hybrid of sounds coming and it blows the whole genre word out of the water,” Pointer said.

Pointer still listens to music that comes from his roots and finds himself still enjoy it today and keeping up with the new and upcoming artist.

“I find myself listening to reggae most often, new school mostly. I will go back into the old stuff though such as Yellowman, Burning Spears, Black Uhuru, Bob Marley. I’m from the beach,” Pointer said.

English teacher Mrs. Denae Moore loves finding music that shows the real and raw truth of that artist. She likes when a artist truly shows who they and how they feel.

“I really like Macklemore because I think that he’s very honest and he’s reflective. I think a lot of people’s songs are about others instead of themselves as with his as mostly about himself,” Moore said.

In her point of view having a musician who can be themselves is truly inspiring. Moore thinks it’s amazing how people can express themselves through music and encourages we all do the same.