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High jump competitors prepare for May 1 meet

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A plan for action
High jump and other track events practice on April 30 with Coach Mark Snow giving instructions and guidance about what each event needs to do to prepare for their meet. Photo by Zoe Logan

High jump competitor Caveli Hensley sets up the high jump mat for practice. Hensley and fellow Isaac Pederson prepare for practice by arriving 15 minutes early and setting up the necessary equipment. “I practice everyday to continue to improve,” Hensley said.
Photo by Sarah Scott


Challenge your limits: Isaac Pederson gets ready to jump over the high jump bar. The bar is at 5’6 ft. Photo by Zoe Logan

Hesitant start: Isaac Pederson runs to clear the high jump bar. Due to hesitant footing, Pederson barely cleared the bar on this jump.
Photo by Zoe Logan

Fine line: Isaac Pederson barely clears the high jump bar, but his finger touches ends up touching it. With his meet scheduled for the next day, he had to continue practicing in order to clear the high jump bar. Photo by Sarah Scott

Almost Over: Caveli Hensley warms up for practice by jumping a height of 5’6 ft. Hensley attempts to clear the bar without touching it, but at the last moment, the back of his heals hit the bar, knocking it over.
Photo by Sarah Scott

A different approach
Caveli Hensley scissor-kicks the high jump bar instead of jumping it with the traditional technique. Hensley and Isaac Pederson set the bar at 5’0 ft so they could practice scissor kicking due to it being more difficult than jumping it. Photo by Sarah Scott

Launching into action: Isaac Pederson attempts to clear the high jump bar. The bar is set at 5’0 ft so he could clear it without a running start. Photo by Zoe Logan

Time for rest: After knocking down the bar Caveli Hesley takes a break and lays on the mat. He said he felt prepared for the meet and was done for the day. Photo by Zoe Logan

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High jump competitors prepare for May 1 meet