“Rio” delivers smiles for all ages

Image provided by Century Fox studios.

Vibrant colors, funny characters, and a sweet story are all main concepts that make up the new animated movie, Rio. Created by filmmaker Carlos Saldanha, the film takes place in the directors hometown Rio de Janero, Brazil.

The movie follows the story of a rare blue macaw name Blu (voice of Jessie Eisenberg) who is brought by his hesitant owner and a foreign scientist to Rio de Janero, where they hope to repopulate the species with the help of the only other of his kind, Jewel (voice of Anne Hathaway) an independent and feisty female.

As the three travel on their amazing adventure, they encounter many incredible sights that include actual Rio de Janero events like the annual celebration, Carnival.

The vibrant colors in the movie really capture the magic of Rio, which is why the 3D was an unnecessary feature. If you are planning on seeing this movie, do not pay the extra $3 for the 3D version, unless you really love those glasses they throw in at the ticket booth.

Overall this movie is great fun for all ages. Anyone will enjoy the sweet humor and great visuals involved with the movie Rio.