Kavanaugh struggles to redeem himself

Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford on sexual assault allegations

The “Hearing of History” took place Sept. 27, as Brett Kavanaugh in conjunction with his accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, sat in the hearing room of Capitol Hill to tell their sides of the story regarding sexual assault allegations.

Judge Kavanaugh is President Trump’s Supreme Court Justice nominee, and although this hearing appears to be a trial, it is about the truth. Kavanaugh’s past high school and college career make him out to be someone who is not telling the truth within this hearing. Many reports have been made to CNN from Kavanaugh’s former colleagues at Yale stating that the man portrayed at the hearing was a completely different man than in college.     

Ford began her testimony Thursday morning explaining the attack she faced by Kavanaugh at a “gathering” in 1982 during her sophomore year of high school in Maryland. Details such as recalling the “uproarious laughter” between men after the assault concluded gave a vivid image for the audience and is a compelling detail to state. She utilized so much emotion to convey her story of truth. There is no benefit for her when coming out with this accusation, there is no reason for her to lie, but there is a

A protester against supreme court justice nominee, Brett kavanaugh, outside the Warren E. Burger Federal Building in St. Paul, Minnesota. Photo from Flickr- Lorie Shaull, with permission.

reason for Kavanaugh to cover up what really happened that summer– credibility. With tears in her eyes, Ford described not only the harassment she has experienced but her family as well; constantly living in fear. After the testimony was given, the senate judiciary committee and the prosecution lawyer Rachel Mitchell had a chance to ask their questions to obtain more information from Ford that may have been unclear.

After hours of testimony from Ford, Kavanaugh shared his side of what happened, or rather what did not happen during the summer of 1982. Kavanaugh gave a speech involving his family and the scrutiny he has gone through such as Ford did. He claimed Ford may or may not have been assaulted, but it was not him. Kavanaugh’s mannerisms such as interruptions, a rude tone, as well as not directly answering questions relayed a sense of nervousness as well as impatience. Kavanaugh brought forth a calendar from the year 1982 with events written in it that Kavanaugh thought would “prove” he never planned on going to such gathering. Anyone knows a calendar with written dates means nothing unless there are witnesses or hard evidence to prove your claim. Kavanaugh’s yearbook from ‘82 was also brought up concerning the slang he used in it, how it references his alcohol usage and his feelings toward women.      

I have not questioned that she might have been sexually assaulted at some point in her life by someone, someplace. But as to me, I’ve never done this. Never.”

— Brett Kavanaugh

 It is clear by Kavanaugh’s replies, avoidance of questions, as well as his general attitude concerning the assault that he is not only giving false information regarding this topic, but he is not the right fit for our next Supreme Court Justice.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has postponed their vote for Kavanaugh’s position until after a full FBI investigation has taken place regarding the assault.