Boys’ varsity basketball team beats Rocklin 54-53

The boys’ varsity basketball team stands respectfully during the national anthem before the Quarry Classic game began on Nov. 30. Photo by SHAI NIELSON


The Wildcats beat Rocklin 54-53 in the first annual Quarry Classic boys’ basketball game at RHS.

“It means a lot to play Rocklin since they are our cross town rivals,” boys’ varsity basketball player Diego Rosales said.

The first quarter began with the first shot by the Cats to start off the shooting momentum. By the end of the second quarter, the Whitney boys were winning 28-21 in a lead they would keep well into the fourth quarter.

As the game went on, both sides of the over populated gym were stomping their feet at the other teams free throws and shouting school chants that ranged from “You wish you were a Wildcat” to “Air ball, air ball” and “I believe that we can win.”

“(It was one) of the craziest games ever, but Whitney overcame it all. We crowded the gym in maroon and gold and cheered our boys with all of our hearts. Seeing all of us come together like that is amazing, and I’m proud to be a part of the wildcat family. Rocklin played hard until the end, but Whitney owned them,” Jacara Givhan said.

The end of the fourth quarter consisted of both sides cheering at three-pointers and booing at the other teams shots. Not a second was silent as students in maroon and gold and others in blue and white stayed on their feet in anticipation of who would score next and who would ultimately win.

“The last two minutes of the game were crazy, but we were still confident we would win,” Rosales said.

Rocklin scored a three-pointer and a free throw with 12 seconds left to make the score 53-52, them in the lead, but the Wildcats brought it back down the court to make the winning shot by Anthony Davena.

“It was the most intense game ever,” Lina Tran said.

With only three seconds on the clock, Rocklin couldn’t change the scoreboard in their favor and the game ended as floods of maroon and white invaded the court. Whitney students stayed in the gym long enough to shout out, “Just like football” and sing the song “Hello, Goodbye.”

Though most WHS students were excited about the game and the outcome, there was one objection.

“It’s kind of unfair (that the boys get a Quarry Classic game) because (the girls’ basketball team) has played Rocklin for a few years now and it has never been a big deal,” girls’ varsity basketball player Molly Miles said.

The boys have their next game on Dec. 5, here, against Wood with freshmen playing at 4:30, JV at 6, and varsity at 7:30.