Whitney Student “JHOUEY” Releases First Album


Deadboy Album Cover. Photo from John Houston used with permission under fair use.

An album that has been in the works for months, Rocklin-based rapper John Houston (also known as “JHOUEY” on all music platforms) has recently released his first complete album to Soundcloud, Apple Music and Spotify. The album is titled “Deadboy,” named after the sequence of thoughts that go through Houston’s mind every single day. The many up’s and down’s of his life create a fascinating combination of music styles that can get you hyped up, or thinking emotionally.

The album consists of 11 songs, two of which (“In the Stars” and “Damned”) included one of his best friends, Beau Stevenson (also known as “Beau S.” on all music platforms). There is still much debate over the album’s number one song. The vast range of music-style creates the wide variety of the public’s opinion.

Houston asked his followers on his Instagram account (@jhoueygn) their favorite song from the album. In only 12 comments, he received seven different answers to the question. “The top five that I’ve heard people talk about are Bullseye, Intro, Walking, I’m Free, and In My Eyes,” Houston said.

“Bullseye” begins with the line, “Devil on my shoulder asked me how I’m still sober. I just can’t imagine living but I’m getting older.” With the first line, Houston has already captivated his listeners with his feelings of being lost.

“Favorite Song” which was released earlier this month, begins with the line, “Running through the town with the Beemer, I’m gonna play your favorite song. I know that you’ll be dancing to it all night long.” The album features a roller coaster of emotions, through slower somber music and upbeat, fast-paced music as demonstrated in “Favorite Song.”

“The hardest part was getting into different moods to record each of the songs because they all required different energy,” Houston said.

The album has already received immense support from Houston’s classmates and many other rap fans across the world. Overcome with joy, Houston reposted ten photos from his friends’ support on his Instagram story.

Houston said, “The support I’m getting is something I’ll never take for granted. The feeling I got when the album finally hit the stores, it’s something so exhilarating and satisfying. I can’t even explain it. The feeling of knowing people are enjoying something you worked on for six months and put your soul into is also pretty dope. That’s always what I strive for and am even more excited for the next album. Stay tuned.”