Whitney’s newest Voices share their unconventional road to victory and their thoughts on the last rally

Q: Why did you decide to run for Voice?

Kade: It all started a couple of months ago when a couple of students from the leadership class came up to me and said that there were only a couple of people running for Voice at the time. They recommended that I should run and me being the spontaneous person that I am, I thought to myself, “Hey. Let’s do this!”

Wesley: Someone brought it up to me that I should run and at first, I thought they were crazy because I thought I had no chance because I’m not going to be a senior. Then, I started thinking a little bit more about who I was going to be running against and I basically full sended it and I’m super glad I did looking back on it.

Q: Both of you had to face challenges most Voices haven’t in the past. Kade hasn’t been in leadership before and Wesley is a junior; did either of you have any hesitations for running because of this?

Kade: Regardless of if I’m in leadership or not, I have a very spontaneous personality and I had a lot of support from my friends. I believed in myself so I was never really that worried about running.

Wesley: It definitely crossed my mind, but I don’t really care about what people think of me. I had nothing to lose.

Q: How do you think each of you performed in your first rally?

Wesley: There were obviously a lot of ups and downs. It obviously didn’t go perfectly, but it wasn’t a bad start either. I think once we get our own rally that we get to control completely, we will actually go crazy.

Kade: Building off of my co-Voice, once we are able to dictate our own rallies, it’ll be a lot different. It’ll probably run a lot smoother because of how much more we’ll get to work together next year.

Q: How do you individually intend to improve on last rally to make next year more fun for the student body?

Kade: People love to laugh so,being the funny person that I am, I need to spice it up and bring some happiness into the atmosphere. I need to lighten the mood and get people on their feet.

Wesley: Our personalities play off of each other very nicely so we’re already able to roll off one another very well. I think people need to see more crazy things like [SPOILER ALERT] someone swinging through the air or something. Catch us next rally with a rope swing.