Teachers can now order coffee deliveries on campus


     Students eagerly brainstormed ideas for their new coffee business on campus. As ideas flew through their minds, Ms. Melissa Morgan wrote down their business name options on the board. She tallied up the votes and the name Coffee Dragons took the lead. The purpose of Coffee Dragons is to help students in the transitional social skills class, who struggle with everyday conversation, to feel safe and professional while being a part of an entrepreneur coffee and tea delivery service. Staff members can request coffee and tea the day before they want it delivered and the students will hand-deliver their order to the staff member and interact and communicate in a professional setting. 

     With goals to work in similar workplaces, those participating in Coffee Dragons have learned and grown so much as individuals while overcoming everyday struggles. Coffee Dragons originally started out as an idea to have students practice communication skills that they have learned for the first semester, including eye contact and asking questions, and applying them with the help of staff. 

¨The team is all so friendly and appreciative to see their confidence really grow,¨ Morgan said. 

     The first delivery of Coffee Dragons occurred on Jan. 23, and during the first week, students delivered 45 coffees and teas. Morgan Morgan emailed a Google Form for staff members to complete online ordering, and students provided a poster with a QR code to hang in each pod, simplifying the process. This program may be free but accepts donations to allow the possible expansion on their menu and the continuation of the deliveries.

     Drinks made by the transitional social skills class are made and personally delivered to staff members during third period. With the aid of teachers, students are being able to come out of their shells and out of their comfort zones. 

 ¨They get really shy and nervous with people they haven’t made contact with before; now they all have practice in that safe setting where they have a script of what to say. They have the support of a teacher or staff with them,¨ Morgan said. 

     Due to initial success with Coffee Dragons, social skills class teachers hope to expand the business. They created and printed shirts as well as other business marketing type products to promote their business throughout the school.