Debate over presidential race continues for Election 2020 as local results become available

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Even though the official Election Day has passed, the event is far from over. Students on campus Nov. 4 for Group B in the hybrid model dressed in shirts, masks and even boxer shorts to represent their presidential candidates of choice.

In some circles, sharing support for a certain candidate or party affiliation was a social activity.

“On Election Night, I went out to [Buffalo Wild Wings] with the boys and got some wings. Then we went back to my house and watched the election until 2 a.m. I want [President Donald] Trump to win,” Jesse Kraft said.

According to a Nov. 4 poll conducted on campus via Google Forms, 40 percent of students watched some form of election coverage last night on TV, compared to 80 percent who said their parents or others over 18 in their home watched election coverage.

Of those watching Election 2020 coverage on TV, 44 percent relied on local network coverage such as KCRA. The next highest viewership among students and their families was FOX News at 33 percent.

“I don’t have cable, so I haven’t been following the election intensely because I know the true results won’t come out until the mail-in ballots come in. I look at the numbers every now and then, though. I’m not a fan of Trump and his policies, so I hope [former Vice President Joe] Biden wins,” Daya Khunkhun said.

While votes are still being counted in the presidential election, here are local results:

RUSD school board

Two-year governing seat

Tiffany Saathoff 54%

Camille Maben 46%

RUSD Board of Trustees

Rachelle Price 34%

Julie Leavens-Hupp 34%

Michelle Sutherland 32%

U.S. House of Representatives (District 4)

Tom McClintock (R) 53%

Brynne Kennedy (D) 47%

Internet access on campus went out during second period and had not been restored by the end of the school day, but some students chose to hotspot with their smartphones to stay connected to updates on social media.

The Sacramento Bee has compiled this set of preliminary local election results, which continues to be updated.

by PUBLICATIONS I STAFF with additional reporting by KATIE LOMBA