Marching band takes two in a row at local invitationals

     In back-to-back First Place finishes, the marching band made history at the Del Oro Invitational Oct. 17.  The week before, they started the winning streak at the Oakmont Marching Band Competition on Oct. 10. 
     “I think it’s really awesome. We started off great and we’re going to end with a bang,” member Merrin Reynolds said.
    The win was months in the making, as their rehearsals began at an August band camp in 100-degree temperatures and has continued since. They had a mandatory Saturday camp on Sept. 26 and practice each Wednesday night on the football field to perfect their formations, called drill.
    “The practice always helps. We work out whatever problems we have so we do better next time,” Connor Morales said.
     Earning the First Place victory went far in boosting performers’ spirits.
     “It was really exciting. It’s one of those things where when you do it for the first time, it’s really exciting,” band director Kris Harper said.
     This kind of an accomplishment is not a one-person success, it’s a team event.
     “This can benefit other students by feeling part of a team, working together for a common goal,” Harper said.
     Veteran band members said that an important aspect of the band’s success is paying attention and asking questions when they don’t know what is happening.
     “I wish I was paying more attention during practices. I used to think it was all about goofing off, but this year is really intense,” Reynolds said.
BY Victoria Chaffin