Twitter Challenge Now

A collection of various Twitter pages by students. Photo Illustration by Megan Miller and Kelly Fiedler.
A collection of various Twitter pages by students. Photo Illustration by Megan Miller and Kelly Fiedler.

    It’s no secret that Mark Riley is enthusiastic about everything he does, from dress up days to crazy school projects. His latest interest is posting twitter updates, called TCN’s (Twitter Challenge Now) with daily challenges that people can respond to and gain points for.

    The challenges are random. Examples of former challenges are filling in blanks for music lyrics or posting pictures of random things on Twitpic.
    A few people involved in the Twitter Challenges are Roxy Caron, Justine Jones, Danielle Caron, and Emma Smith.
    An example of a tweet challenge would be Riley posting the question on Twitter, which everyone involved can receive on their phone or computer. Then people respond with an answer. Whoever is the first one to respond gets the number of points offered with the question, and Mark announces the winner.
    “Markisthor (Riley): TCN- I am a fruit. Not really but let’s pretend. According to myth part of me was eaten and that’s why there is winter. What am I? – 1 pt”
    “Bobuhbeartoe (Robert Parker): @Markisthor pomegranate!”
    “Markisthor: Winner of 1 point is Mr. Robert Reginald Parker. Who is now in the lead.”
    But you have to be fast, or someone will answer before you, and win.
Markisthor: TCN- fill in the blanks with the correct word- just a small town —. Living in lonley —, just a city —, born and raised in south —.
Roxycakez: @Markisthor IM GONNA WIN.
Daniellemaarie @Markisthor just a small town girl living in a lonley world …just a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit
Markisthor: Winner of this TCN and 2 pts is Danielle Caron.
Roxycakez: @Markisthor I don’t think Danielle shouldve won. She spelled lonely wrong.
    “I started the Twitter Challenge because I got bored and I wanted to see what I could do with it. I wanted to see how many people would start playing.” said Riley.
    “I told Mark to make a Twitter,” said Roxy. “I was his first follower. He asked for people to post a picture of a crazy cat lady, so I grabbed my cat and took a picture. But I didn’t win. I joined the Twitter Challenge because it’s hilariouis and I want to win. Follow @Markisthor.”
    You can join the Twitter Challenge at anytime. Just go to and tell him you want to participate.
    “In the future, you’ll see more riddles, questions about patterns and fill in the blanks,” said Riley, “What I want to say to the people is ‘hizzle bizzle bomb, mizzle hizzle nom’.”
    That’s Mark for you.