Raku Sushi goes beyond expectations


Front of the new Raku Sushi restaurant in Rocklin. Photo by KAITLYN FRANKLIN

I often find good conversation to heavily impact my mood. If somebody can make me laugh and listen to me with a smile, I am instantly cheered up. And we all know that the better the mood you’re in, the better food tastes. Well, Raku Sushi sure packs a punch with their charming waiters. But although the pristine on-hand service certainly contributed to my fondness of the restaurant, it was the food that really blew me away, and I’m almost certain it didn’t taste so amazing just because of the easy going waiters and atmosphere.

 My grandmother and I were greeted upon walking through the doors by a cheerful man, probably in his early 20s. There was pop music playing at a low volume, and only about four tables were occupied. We were seated near the preparing station, where you could hear the chefs chopping up various seafoods. Strangely enough, you couldn’t really smell the seafood.

After we ordered a Crunchy California (the California roll deep fried) for me and tuna nigiri for my grandmother, we went to the salad bar. Although the choices were scarce (seaweed salad, edamame, and spicy cucumber), I found the seaweed salad to be unique and delicious, especially if you’re a fan of salty foods. The Crunchy California was delicious, and the contrast between the deep fried outer shell and the soft avocado inside was a strange but overall delightful taste.

After we finished that, we ordered a plate of gyoza, known as “pot stickers” to most. They were unlike any I had ever tried. Normal gyoza is very soft and squishy, but these were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Different, but as far as I’m concerned, definitely better.

I then ordered the Shrimp Tempura. As soon as it was brought to me, I noticed that it was put together extremely well. The roll actually looked pretty, with an array of several different colors all swirled around each other. It was yummy, although perhaps lacking in filling. The radish added a refreshing crunch to the roll.

For dessert, we ordered fresh donuts which in my opinion were much better than anything Krispy Kreme could concoct.

All together, I would definitely recommend this restaurant to a friend. At a price like $12.95 for all you can eat, and service that is helpful and pleasurable to interact with, this has without doubt become one of my favorite sushi restaurants.