FIDM Fashion club struts onto campus


Olivia Grahl

The FIDM Fashion club booth at club rush on Jan. 22

Infinity scarves, high-waisted shorts, dresses, flannels, high-fashion, casual Fridays. Fashion is a personal field. Some people don’t care about it at all, but for others, it can mean a life and career.

Starting February 4, FIDM Fashion Club will be meeting even Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the dance room during lunch. They’ll be discussing the latest trends in fashion, and doing activities to help members understand the different aspects of fashion.

“People should come to our meetings because it is a fun and interesting club if you want to pursue a career in fashion. Even if you do not want to live a life of fashion, you can still come to the meetings just to enjoy talking about fashion, or learning how to dress with the latest trends,” co-club president Sarah Martinez said.

Fashion club is directly associated with FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing) which is a network of colleges throughout California. They work to educate prospective students in the fields of Graphics, Fashion, Interior Design, and Entertainment.

“FIDM offers scholarships to girls with involved with the club, and I want to go to FIDM Los Angeles. That was one of my main reasons for wanting to help start this club.” vice-president Kaitlyn Townsley said.

To see some of the fashion trends circling through Whitney, follow Whitney Fashion on Tumblr:

Martinez said, “Fashion is more than just clothes. It’s graphics, design, and marketing. Also, whatever you’re comfortable in, is fashion. Everyone feels beautiful in something different, so fashion is something different to everyone.”