Fight Song Friday draws big crowd before Quarry Bowl game

Everyone is decked out in maroon and gold, from their heads to their toes. Even the strictest of teachers have caught the maroon madness. But as the small 25 minute escape from the hectic school day comes to a close, the students do it the way they do best: the fight song.

But today was very different. It wasn’t just the first Fight Song Friday of the year — the entire school was excited for the Quarry Bowl, otherwise known as the first Rocklin versus Whitney football game ever.

This spirited assembly of maroon and gold was lead by Brandi Carlson, striped like the Wildcat itself in an eye-catching leotard. The pulsing drum beats signaled the start as people turned to watch. The drummers lead the varsity football team, with linked arms, majestically into the amphitheatre, Ws raised high.

And then the games began. Representatives from each class scuttled around, hiking footballs blindfolded, and bobbing for mini footballs with duct taped goggles.

But as suddenly as the fun and games started, it ended with the cheerleaders performing a bold and bouncy routine as they lead the sea of maroon and gold in the fight song.

The freshmen, however, stood out against the rest of the maroon mass in their “Vegas gold” class shirts. Even though they were new to the whole Fight Song Friday experience, they cheered loud and proud for their class.

Some, however, had no idea what was going on.

“I honestly had no idea what to expect. I thought we all just sang the song. And I didn’t even hear the song,” Michael Ewing said.

Leadership students closed the event by tossing free T-shirts into the stands and encouraging everyone to support the team in competition tonight.