Season premiere of “House M.D.” doesn’t satisfy viewers

Six year old’s having heart attacks, spewing blood, paralysis, contact dermatitis, congenital heart defects, and brain aneurysms. Sounds like a really bad week in the ER, but all these things can happen throughout the course of one “House M.D.” episode. The seventh season of “House” kicked off Sept. 20, but instead of the generic “House” plot, where House must solve some strange ailment, this episode, titled “Now What?” focused mainly on the newly developed relationship between House and his boss, Cuddy.

For the most part, the episode focused on House and Cuddy dealing with becoming a ‘thing’ than the hospital at all. It didn’t really excite me as the usual “House” episode will, keeping me on edge waiting for the next patient crash or new diagnosis. And as for the season premiere, it should have been as exciting as that, but tenfold. The episode was more like a drama, dealing with relationships, but just throwing it into a hospital setting. The storyline was a little bland and could have used more medical diagnostics to keep it driving and interesting, rather than watching House and Cuddy snuggle and talk about how they’ve changed.

I think the relationship itself should add to the show, but not take away from the hilarious and mysterious plots by smothering it with romance. Even though it wasn’t as funny as the seasons before, that were chock full of House doing insane unethical tests and arguments with Wilson, it still resembled the old “House”.

But of course, this episode, like any other quality “House” episode, still dealt with some medical mystery, with a sprinkling of signature House sarcasm, humor and over-analyzing. There’s also some drama with House’s team as everyone soon learns 13 is leaving immediately for Rome, for what they presume is a new Huntington’s trial. There was also some suspense and action as Chase, Foreman, Taub and 13 had to deal with keeping the only neurosurgeon available well enough to stay at the hospital so the ER and ICU wouldn’t be shut down.

Unlike any other medical/hospital show on TV, “House” is a comedy, drama, mystery and medical show all in one. “Scrubs” is mainly viewed as a comedy, while “Grey’s Anatomy” is more of a drama. “House” has kept a consistent audience for its seven seasons by catering to all of the television watcher’s desires. The season premiere and its teaser for the upcoming season with dramatic patient crashes and new developments in House and Cuddy’s relationship are sure to wrangle in new viewers and keep them entertained, as well as keep the loyal followers coming back for more.