Tenth annual winter concert pays off for music department

The choir, chamber choir, orchestra, jazz, string, and symphonic band performed at the 10th annual Winter Concert on Dec. 16. The Winter Concert showcased holiday music from 7-9 p.m.

“‘A Crazy Mixed up Christmas was my favorite part of the concert because it was super fun to play, and was intended to sound bad. Plus it’s the Christmas season and it felt appropriate,” Brandon Ayers, a symphonic band member, said.

Preparations for the Winter Concert performance went from memorizing music to practicing to hit the notes correctly.

“[To prepare, I worked on] breaking down the song and getting every note correct. There was one phrase I had to practice a lot because of how many notes were there in a pretty quick tempo,” Ayers said.

The time involved made it well worth it to Paige Rafferty, from orchestra.

“We were working on our performance’s pieces most of the semester, and some of us went home to practice and become better as an orchestra,” Rafferty said.

The feeling of being rewarded the opportunity is what made the experience even better for her.

“The best feeling is when you know you did the best you could,” Rafferty said.

The music program is open to any visitors willing to listen to the music that they create.

“If you have the chance to come by and watch, it is more than worth your time to come enjoy what we work on,” Ayers said.

The next concert presented by the music program will take place in the spring.

“We can anticipate there to be a spring concert, but the groups may be separated to different days. It will become clearer as the date gets closer,” Kate Greener said.