Together We Are Free…Right?

     Living in displacement camps, night-commuting to bus parks, living in fear of getting kidnapped to become child soldiers. These are things children in Uganda had to live through each and every day. The thing is, nobody from outside of the country knew that there was a war occurring until three college boys visited and documented what was going on.
     From the beginning of a trip to Uganda in 2003 to the present, Together We Are Free shows what has happened since then, such as the Global Night Commute, the Rescue, and Schools 4 Schools. It mainly focuses on the Rescue, where kids from around the country slept in parks, trying to get attention of media moguls or politicians, and one of those people was Oprah.
     “I’m really excited about the video because now that I’m involved, I really want to help the children in Uganda out, and I can do that with Schools for Schools,” Kristyn Lorek said.
     There’s been a competition here, between 948 other different schools over the United States. Schools for Schools has been raising money to help build schools in Uganda, and last year, this school won two contests, one for raising the most money in the region and another for having the most creative idea.
     All this week, Mr. Jon Bryant, the Schools For Schools adviser, has been showing the film, Roughcut and GO on Wednesday and Thursday. These screenings are especially pointed towards the freshmen and new students who don’t know much about Invisible Children, and on Friday, there is going to be a screening of Together We Are Free in the small gym.
     “There are roadies, who coming down from Seattle to present the video and they’ll be wandering around school, telling students about the screening, and answering questions and giving inspiration to students,”  Bryant said.
     The main event, Together We Are Free, is also talking about the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, Joseph Kony, who has been kidnapping the children and making them into soldiers.
     “It is talking about petitioning to initiate a citizen’s arrest, because of the LRA atrocities,because even though he has came out of Uganda, he moved into the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is right next to Uganda. We want to to bring him to justice, and we want a bill signed to arrest him. We’re even trying to get President Obama involved with this too,” Bryant said.
     If people want to help or learn more, tell them about the screening that is during lunch, after intervention in the small gym.