My Beauty Addiction has people addicted

My Beauty Addictions cosmetic glitter in the color Galaxy. Photo by Kacie Nicholson

My Beauty Addiction’s cosmetic glitter in the color Galaxy. Photo by Kacie Nicholson

It’s hard to find good, inexpensive makeup these days in big-brand makeup stores like Ulta or Sephora. Some good quality and long-lasting lipstick can be not only hard to find, but expensive too. Luckily, the Etsy store My Beauty Addiction gives relief to these struggles with low prices, great quality products and fast shipping.

If you’re anything like me, crazy colors and daring statements in fashion speak to you. I love color on clothes, shoes, hair and most of all, makeup.

It wasn’t hard to find the kind of makeup I wanted online instead of in stores, pigmented with just the right amount of color to match some of my favorite outfits. The only problem was, again, that the makeup was simply too expensive for me.

That’s when I found it, while looking through the glorious website of Etsy, My Beauty Addiction. This shop features amazing varieties of makeup from eyeshadow, body scrubs, foundation, blush, bronzer, lip glazes and lip paints.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, not lipstick, lip paints.

I just had to try these babies out for myself. I bought the colors Violet Riot, Blue my Mind and Emerald through their $4 lip paint samples, though a tube of lip paint is $7.50, and a jar is $5.50.

Trying them on, I used a small makeup brush for better precision, however it came up a bit transparent. Instead, I tried using my finger to dab and lather on the lip paint, giving me that great pigmented color I’d been looking for.

The lip paint stayed on all day, with the only extra applications needed after I ate lunch. The texture was slightly grainy but mostly smooth in texture and look. It was also less thick and hard than regular lipstick with the moisturizing components of jojoba oil, coconut oil and shea butter that left my lips feeling soft. The paint felt lightweight; I even forgot that I was wearing lip color at all.

After trying out the lip paint, I bought the cosmetic glitter, which costs $4. The cosmetic glitter was offered during a sale, something they have often. Being a makeup fanatic and costume designer, glitter was a must. I bought the colors Galaxy, Gold Digger and Dark as Night. This glitter was perfect to put on top of some lips to give them a shine with that popping color, though if moved around (such as when pursing your lips) the glitter will collect the lipstick color and feel like sandpaper on your lips. The glitter, however, mixes nice with eye shadow for an extra gleam.

One other product I tried was the Sugar Babies Jojoba Lip Glaze in the colors Breathless, Kohl and Glamazon, bought through the lip glaze samples and they were $5.50 for a tube with a brush. The lip glaze is made with jojoba oil for extra softness and had a sweet scent to it which made it fun and quirky. Compared to other lip glosses, it was thicker and built up a bit more. Although less pigmented with the less product used, it came out shinier and smoother than other lip glosses I’ve seen and used. The consistency was luscious, absolutely heavenly and soft.

I would highly recommend this store if you love makeup or crazy colors on yourself. The quality is wonderful and surprisingly cheap. The samples they sell of the lip glaze and the lip paint last extremely long, providing you with enough time to fall in love with the products, like I did, before buying your favorite. I guess you could say My Beauty Addiction is just that, addicting.