The Human Bean coffee shop opens new location


Photo by Spencer Seltzer

With a Starbucks on nearly every other street corner, and competition from both Dutch Brothers and Origin, it often seems like yet another coffee shop is the last thing the small town of Rocklin needs. Despite this fact, many people believe the brand new The Human Bean coffee shop has a warm, friendly staff and a large menu featuring a variety of different drinks, which they think make it unique, and in a very good way. This allows it to strike a nice balance between the other local options, as well as stand out among its many competitors.

The tiny and somewhat oddly named franchise arrived in Rocklin late last year, and just recently opened on Jan. 8, after months of construction. The small shop has no indoor seating, and mirrors the Dutch Brothers model, featuring a small single-order window and double drive-thrus to order coffee on the go.

The franchise was formerly limited to just the state of Oregon, but has since expanded to California, with its new Rocklin location being the first in the greater Sacramento area, and opening with a fair amount of success.

“We’ve only been open for a short amount of time, and customers always tell me that our coffee tastes better than both Dutch Brothers and Starbucks; we even have a few regulars,” The Human Bean employee Myles Macias said.

The new coffee shop also provided numerous job opportunities to students living in the Rocklin area, many of whom enjoy their new positions. Macias is also currently a junior here at Whitney High School, and likes his new part-time career.

“It’s a very positive work environment. The owners are very friendly and are always around if you need help,” Macias said.

Additionally, many students enjoy the new styles and varieties of coffee that The Human Bean brings to the table.

“It was a great experience. The warm steam traveled seamlessly through my nostrils as I took the first sip of my vanilla latte,” Christian Clark said.

The staff has also received high remarks for their warm and friendly attitudes, and are known for asking customers about their day while they are waiting their your coffee. They even offer complimentary dog treats, for customers who happen to be traveling with a pet in the car.

“The employees were very friendly and accommodating, and made sure that you were completely happy with your order,” Camille Baldovino said.

It is the staff’s ability to go the extra mile, as well as their substantial offerings of unique specialty drinks, such as their Mexi Mocha, which features classic Mexican chocolate powder, and Frozen Hot Chocolate, which puts a unique spin on a traditional favorite, that set it apart from the rest of the competition, even with both a Dutch Brothers and a Starbucks just down the street.