Second annual Whitney’s Got Talent is back

All of the talent show contestants. Photo by Lauren Roudebush.

Whitney’s Got Talent is back, and the show is bigger than ever.

The second annual fund-raiser, which supports Invisible Children, will include new features like pre-recorded performances, two MC’s who also act as judges, and a special finale involving last year’s winner Kyle Peck.

Peck is going to be involved in more than the finale, however.

“Since I was the first ever Whitney’s Got Talent winner, they allowed me to come back to judge and help out with the brochure. I thought I could be of help, and (Mr. Jon) Bryant asked me if I could be a judge, and I said yeah,” Peck said.

Bryant has high hopes for this year’s show and is excited to see the acts perform.

“I think the talent we have this year is phenomenal. The quality of the singing and performing is great, as well as the diversity. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry,” Bryant said.

The changes that have been added to the show, specifically the dual MC’s, will allow for a smoother show and will get more performances showcased.

“The MC’s will work sort of as judges to facilitate it, and will give us a chance to put more talent up on the stage,” Bryant said.

This year’s acts include Eli Nolasco beat-boxing while Chris Corpus plays piano, Those Three Guys singing, Justin Achanzar playing piano, Maddy Stokell performing a monologue, and many more.

Audience members can vote for their favorites with quarters. Schools for Schools volunteers will also be selling T-shirts and food along with a silent auction of student artwork.

The show starts at 7 p.m. on Dec. 6. Tickets are $5 and make all checks out to Invisible Children. All of the show’s proceeds benefit the secondary school in northern Uganda that the Schools For Schools and Invisible Children programs promote. Check out the Invisible Children website for more information on how to donate and help.