Dutch Bros is the reigning coffee spot


Customers wait in line at Dutch Bros coffee. Photo by Ava Jeung.

On Snapchat, stories are constantly filled with pictures of teas, frosts and other frozen drinks from Dutch Bros, The Human Bean and Starbucks. I can include myself in this because I am a frequent customer at all three coffee places. While there is equal amount of love on social media for all of these drink drive-thru’s, Dutch Bros is the best because of the overall service and drinks.

Consistency is always something anyone can count on at Dutch Bros. The quality of the workers, drinks and the wait time never change.

First off, the workers are never anything but happy. Not once have I been there and had someone take my order without a smile. Now, sometimes they do talk a lot, but it’s always an interesting conversation. They’re trying to be engaged in your life, which is something you don’t usually encounter from an employee.

The drink are always the same and there is something for everyone. There are caffeinated drinks and decaffeinated drinks, that are hot and cold. There are the classic coffee drinks that you can get as a frost or a freeze, one having caffeine and one not. But there is also their specialty drinks, like their Red Bull creations. Drinks like these are one’s you would never see anywhere else and bring more appeal to Dutch Bros.

Time. Something that we’re all constantly trying to not be behind on. This is never a problem at Dutch Bros. While the only time I’ve ever seen a short line was at one in the morning, time is never a problem. The workers walk out to your car and take your order, so you don’t have to wait until you get up to the window. Once you do get to the window, you pay, say hello, take your drinks, and boom you’re out of the drive-thru.

Finally an exciting bonus is that at the start of every month Dutch Bros releases a cool new sticker, advertising their company.

Overall, The Human Bean and Starbucks may be well liked, but Dutch Bros will always be the best.