Dance co-captain Kylie Webb talks about Homecoming rally, football performances


The dance team has been preparing for the Homecoming rally and football game for three weeks and will perform a different routine for each event. Dance team co-captain Kylie Webb talks about their upcoming performances.

Q: What is different about dance team this year than years past, and how will that affect your rally performance?

A: “This year we have a maroon and gold team so we have a lot more dancers during football season, which makes performing in rallies a little harder because with more girls there is less space.”

Q: What is your dance for the rally based off of?

A: “Our theme for the rally dance is Pokemon and the theme song and really just acting out what the music is portraying.”

Q: How is the football performance different than other routines?

A: “Our theme is a mashup of all the different classes themes, so mario music and some other techno music to dance too. We are doing a lot more tricks in this routine and special kick line that is really fun!”

The dance team will be performing Wednesday Oct. 12 at the Homecoming rally at 7 p.m., and at halftime for the Homecoming football game against Oakmont on Oct 14 at 7:15 p.m.