Senior recovering, critically injured after accident on Wildcat Boulevard


Brynn Blatnick signs the poster for Micheal Klaman during lunch on Oct. 26. Photo by Rachel Marquardt

After a life-threatening accident on Wildcat Boulevard on Oct. 24, senior Michael Klaman sustained critical injuries but is alive and recovering at Sutter Roseville Hospital. At the beginning of last block on Oct. 24, an accident occurred on Wildcat Boulevard involving Klaman and another student who officials have chosen not to name. The student’s car swerved and forced Klaman’s motorcycle off the road where it crashed into the fire hydrant, causing the fire hydrant to break loose from the ground as well as severe destruction to the motorcycle. Klaman was rushed to the hospital, injured from the accident.

Camelia Coffman was driving home for her off period when she first saw the accident.

“When I pulled out of the lot I saw the hydrant shoot water straight up, higher than the apartments. I saw the ambulances and fire truck pull up alongside the scene, and there was a police officer that had blocked off the street with cones. I saw the ambulance doors open, where  I could see [Klaman] with a neck brace get loaded onto the ambulance on a stretcher. It looked critical from far away, because you know it’s serious when an ambulance is actually loading someone onto it after calling 911,” Coffman said.

Due to the debris left on the scene, after school traffic was delayed, causing a line of cars down the street.

“The motorcycle was completely destroyed and the fire hydrant was completely out of the ground,” Steven Bowers said.

Scene of the accident on Wildcat after school on Oct. 24. Photo by Nathan Garcia

Traffic was being directed around the incident as Rocklin Police worked to clear streets of the debris. An email and alert from the Whitney High School App was distributed to parents stating that Wildcat was blocked and that a different route to get to the school is advised, however that students are safe.

“The roads were all clogged up. They had people controlling traffic instead of the lights because due to the damage cars could not go onto some parts of Wildcat,” Amir Chadha said.

Principal Mr. Justin Cutts visited Klaman at Sutter Hospital shortly after the accident. Through an admin email Cutts gave a statement concerning the incident, which was emailed to all parents on Oct. 24 at 7:34 p.m.

“We wanted to inform you that this afternoon two of our students were involved in an accident on Wildcat Blvd. One of the students suffered major injuries and was transported to the hospital. At this time we don’t have any additional information,” Cutts said.

He also urged through the email for parents to check in with their student, as the situation could “cause anxiety even for students who may not know those directly involved.”

On Facebook Klaman’s family members have been posting updates concerning Klaman’s state. His father David Klaman states that “Michael has some very serious injuries, broken femur, forearm, tibia, both elbows… [he] is in very good spirits.”

On Twitter, students have mentioned Klaman in hopes of a speedy recovery. Nathan Garcia tweets to and posts images of the scene including motorcycle wreckage. Will Brocchini also voices his hopes of Klaman’s recovery in a tweet.

Currently, Klaman is in the hospital on a ventilator. His sister Jenniffer Klaman (Class of 2016) posts on her Facebook updating her followers on his current state.

“He’s still on a ventilator and under sedation but is responsive and coherent. Thank you for all the prayers,” Klaman said.

Students will be able to sign a poster for Klaman on Oct. 26 during lunch and intervention in the cafeteria. The poster will be given to Klaman at Sutter Hospital on Oct. 27.

Whitney High Student Media will update more on the situation as information becomes available.