New DreamWorks movie ‘Trolls’ is a hit

Used with permission under fair use.

Used with permission under fair use.

“Trolls” spends 92 minutes telling the story of Poppy (Anna Kendrick) the happiest troll of all, and Branch (Justin Timberlake), the most dull troll of all, setting off on an enduring adventure to rescue their friends from the Bergens. In my opinion this movie is another cartoon hit!

The horrid Bergens, who in my defense are pretty terrifying coming from someone who watches horror movies by themselves, require a troll in their stomach to truly be happy. Yes, because the way to being happy is just eating something that already is, way to set the standards high DreamWorks. Trollstice is an annual event to the Bergens. Every year the whole town gathers around main street around the troll tree, which of course is the only source of bright colors in the town.

Young Prince Gristle (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) wakes up his father on the day of Trollstice eager to become happy, it was going to be his first time eating a troll. Fast forwarding past the Chef’s (Christine Baranski) speech, it’s time for Gristle’s first troll, and Chef has saved the best for first, young Poppy (Iris Dohrn).

Before Chef could even begin to think about how all of the live trolls in the tree were replaced with the questionly similar actual troll doll, the town of trolls living in the tree had escaped.

“No troll left behind” King Peppy (Jeffrey Tambor) announces as the trolls escape from an underground tunnel. 20 years later, all of the trolls are still alive, nobody would have noticed how King Peppy didn’t age at all, but somehow Poppy, who was a child when the trolls escaped was now almost an adult, but it’s a kids movie, who cares?

Poppy is to planning a party, their happy go lucky trolls who have watches that ring when it’s ‘hug time’, however they only go noticed when it is ‘hug time’ no watch band is seen on the trolls wrist until that moment, and then it’s gone again.

Poppy begins to plan her party with all of the other trolls rallying behind her except Branch, who continuously protests against their festivities worrying that the Bergens could find them, foreshadowing. Of course the party is a celebration celebrating 20 years of hiding from the Bergens, once again foreshadowing.

As the party comes to an end with all of the leftover trolls coming out of hiding behind plants and rocks and they weren’t found because their ability to change their hair color and become Rapunzel, isn’t as weird as you think it is. The trolls that were left behind are left in Branch’s humble estate, as Poppy leaves everyone behind to rescue her friends.

Of course in at least one scene a PG movie has to be sexist and Branch seems to magically appear by Poppy’s side, saving her from troll eating spiders, which are also horrifically scary for a kids movie.

As the movie comes to a close, with all trolls in a pot about to be eaten by the Bergens, who are upmost hangry a strange scenario happens. It’s over — the trolls aren’t even trolls anymore, they’ve become Branch, dull and lifeless. Another sexist scene Branch, a male, has to save the day. Branch shows the trolls the real reason of being happy, who then show the Bergens, which gives children an extremely realistic standard that singing the radio hit of “Can’t Stop The Feeling” gives anyone the joy you get on Christmas morning.

Overall I give this movie an A. There are a few scenes that give off a weird vibe to the older generation but once again, Mike Mitchell and DreamWorks have made yet another movie blockbuster. Is it better than “Shrek” ? Well you’re just going to have to see it for yourself.