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Passion for piano gets student through tough times

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Growing up, some girls didn’t have it so easy in school. Hazel Jayaprakash was born with a constant stutter, and was therefore harshly treated because of it. She was constantly made fun of and called names.

“My classmates called me ‘walkie talkie’ and often made fun of me, mostly in the sixth grade,” Jayaprakash said.

Being bullied, she found most of her happiness in playing the piano and learning new songs as a way to cope. Jayaprakash has been playing for over nine years and taught herself everything she knows. After rough days at school of never-ending remarks, music was her escape.

“I eventually took speech therapy and the antagonizing stopped, but I still play the piano to this day,” she said.

Jayaprakash plays classical most often and said she got her inspiration after listening to it through her family and church. She belongs to one of the few Lutheran churches in this area and consistently visits every week.

After attending a camp recommended by her church, life began to change as she saw the beauty in everything and stopped taking her blessings for granted. Because of this life- changing event, she believes she became the kind, patient, good listener she is today. 

“My life had a whole different perspective after attending church camp over my seventh grade summer. I saw life in a whole new light,” she said.

This camp also led to her constant pursuit of playing piano, and therefore led to the increase in her abilities. Since she saw this camp as a way to appreciate everything she has and or exceeds in, and her life changed. Eventually she started performing at church at their request and still practices regularly.

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The student news site of Whitney High School in Rocklin, Calif.
Passion for piano gets student through tough times