Seniors paint their parking spot to kick the year off


Lizzie Salvato

Trever Gibbs paints the front of his Jeep on his spot.

To kick off their last year of high school, seniors gathered Aug. 7 to paint over last years’ spots and decorate their own. ASB provided tape, paint and brushes for decorating. Every spot varied depending on the artist’s personality.

Margaux Bennett had each of her friends paint their hands in different colors and place them over the white background for her parking spot.

“My friends mean a lot to me, they have all been there for me through the good and bad times. In some way they have helped me where I am today by lending a hand,” Bennett said.

Other students decided to paint their spot according to their interests, like Trever Gibbs painted the front of his Jeep.

Gibbs said, “I chose to get a senior spot, because I love to do things that involve using my creativity. I chose to paint a Jeep because I have one, and they are super fun! My spot represents my fun and adventurous personality because every time I drive my Jeep I feel like I am on an adventure.”

Photos by Lizzie Salvato