Winter cheer has multiple changes this season


At the first basketball game, Nov. 27 against Woodcreek, Leanna Yanes cheers on the sideline. Photo by Katelyn Vengersammy.

When a student athlete does both cheer and STUNT, the season becomes year round. Now cheerleaders can decide to continue on with basketball or just do STUNT.

This gives cheerleaders the option to participate in another sport they are just as passionate about during the winter season. Cheerleaders cannot stop after football season, they have to do basketball or have another obligation such as STUNT or winter sports.

In previous years, students had a hard time juggling other sports while still having cheer. This change should make this easier for the student athletes who want to participate in multiple sports.

“Since STUNT and cheer together is a year-round sport, I wanted to take a break from cheer,” Jessica Rose said.

STUNT is more of a competitive sport, versus sideline cheer. “Basketball season is more laid back and for me personally, a better atmosphere than football games,” Rose said.  

Another difference in this year’s basketball sideline season is that new members were able to join.

“I think it is a great opportunity for new people to get the experience,” Libi Mortensen said.

Instead of three separate teams, they are now one combined cheer team.

This season, the team will only be cheering at men’s and women’s varsity games, but are making an appearance at wrestling tournaments and soccer games.

“Having one big team will be hectic, but we will just work around it, I will miss the original sideline team but this way it does not limit cheerleaders from other sports,” Mortensen said.