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How to avoid boredom this winter break

Photo by Sienna Eagle

Photo by Sienna Eagle

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Finals have just ended. You have just taken your last test, and now you can finally enjoy your two-week break. Though sometimes, it can get boring sitting at home with nothing planned. Here are a list of ideas and activities that you can do when you find yourself feeling bored out of your mind this winter break:

Go ice skating.

For people that would like a more physical activity, bring your friends and you can listen to music while you skate for an hour at Skatetown.

Bake Christmas cookies.

If you don’t feel like going out into the cold, another good option is to stay home and make a variety of cookies. If you make enough, you can even deliver them to your friends, family or neighbors as a Christmas gift.

Watch your favorite Christmas movie.

Whether it’s a favorite childhood movie, like “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” or a comedy like “Elf” or “Christmas Vacation,” this is something free and easy to do, and you can do it at home.

Help out your community.

Going to a local animal or homeless shelter and donating clothing, food, toys or gifts will be beneficial to those in need, and you can even help serve Christmas dinner to families who cannot afford their own. For example, you could go to Placer SPCA and help out with animals.

Look at Christmas lights.

Not everyone in the area decorated their house with lights, but there are a few neighborhoods in Rocklin that go all out for the holidays. For example, a popular neighborhood is the Pebble Creek lights, or if you would like to go a little bit farther, you can visit the Fabulous ‘40s neighborhood in Sacramento.

Throw a White Elephant gift exchange.

An inexpensive yet entertaining option is to hold a White Elephant gift exchange. Gather up a few of your friends and give them a witty or funny gift that will make them laugh, and the presents don’t even have to be big.

Go to the gym.

Sometimes after eating a lot of holiday food, you may feel like it’s a good idea to get up and exercise. You could either go to your local gym, or if you don’t have a membership, go on a hike or run with friends.

Make a new music playlist. 

During the holidays, it’s always nice to be able to play Christmas music. Also, you could change your current Spotify/Apple Music playlist and add newer songs or another specific genre that you would like to listen to.

Learn how to play a new instrument.

Typically, people have a lot more free time over the break, so you could use that time to learn how to play the guitar or piano or ukulele you’ve never had time to learn before.


Go snowboarding/skiing.

A benefit of our area is we are less than an hour and a half drive away from ski resorts like Boreal, Sugar Bowl and Kirkwood to name a few. So, take advantage of this and go with your friends and family as a holiday activity.




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How to avoid boredom this winter break