Top five podcasts you should be listening to in 2018


Alexis Cook

In this illustration, you can see a girl listening to multiple podcasts.

In an era of digital media, podcasts are often overlooked for their lack of a visual component. But platforms like SoundCloud and iTunes have helped podcasts grow in popularity. From politics to comedy, these are five podcasts you should be listening to this year.

H3 – Ethan and Hila Klein are a married couple that started off with posting reaction videos on YouTube, and always promise their subscribers a good “goof, gaff and laugh” with weekly trolling videos, exploiting popular memes and viral videos. It wasn’t until they hit 5 million subscribers in 2017 when they started a podcast. Their show features other popular YouTubers such as Idubbbz, Jake Paul and Post Malone.

The Ben Shapiro Show – Ben Shapiro is a lawyer, editor of the Daily Wire and political commentator. Ben reports on daily political news and give his right-leaning opinion in a podcast where he savagely destroys any misconceptions about conservatives. His snarkiness and witt makes for a fun listen. His most controversial topics include abortion, transgender and the Black Lives Matter movement. Although his content is definitely meant for Republicans, if you’re able to go in with an open mind, it is worth a listen. With over 10 million downloads a month, the show is the most-viewed conservative podcast.

The Joe Rogan Experience – Many people know Joe Rogan as the host of “Fear Factor” or as a UFC spokesperson, but his most successful venture might be his podcast. He started his podcast in 2009 and since then has hosted over 1,000 episodes. His guests range from hunters and survivalists to comedians to political commentators. Due to the variety of topics, I would recommend this podcast to anyone interested in hearing different points of views on a array of topics. He recently started a new podcast that is focused on MMA but will continue to do his traditional JRE podcast as well.

No Jumper – Host Adam22 doubles as YouTube star and podcast host. “No Jumper” show gives listeners an inside look into the world of underground rappers such as Xxxtentacion and Lil Xan through exclusive interviews. Alongside the interviews, “No Jumper” talks about the more raunchy side of life in his daily vlog with girlfriend Lena The Plug who also occasionally appears on the podcast. (Beware of adult themes.) He uploads every Tuesday, in addition to keeping a separate daily vlog channel with over one million subscribers.

Your Mom’s House – Married comedians Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky are hosts for “Your Mom’s House.” Their two hour podcast goes by fast as they banter about life as stand up comedians, being new parents and mostly just common day-to-day activities that they are able to find humor in. They will occasionally have guest on their show ranging from other stand up comedians to other podcast hosts such as Dr. Drew Pinsky and Joe Rogan. Due to language and adult material that they cover, I would not recommend this podcast for anyone under 18.