Seniors take part in Bite of Reality simulation

At the Bite of Reality simulation, Megan Soares and Meghan Townsley, talk to a volunteer about purchasing entertainment subscriptions.

Between 8-11 a.m. Jan. 18, seniors were able to take part in the Bite of Reality simulation brought to the library by Schools Financial Credit Union. The simulation provided a fictional occupation, salary, family members, debt and insurance that allowed students to experience the cost of living in society. This activity gave all seniors students a chance to experience what living on a budget is like, as well as the unexpected circumstances caused by chance. Students were able to experience this simulation all through the app, Bite of Reality, which they were asked to download at the start of the simulation. The app showed students their new identity, and calculated the specific costs of everything purchased, this allowed the students to see the complexity of avoiding going into debt.

Students who still rely on their parents were able to see what they will experience once they begin their life after high school.

“Bite of Reality really gave me a wake-up call of what the real world is like for adults. It made me so thankful for everything that my parents do and provide for me, because I now know what it really takes to maintain a family and job,” Jacob Meister said.

Others also enjoyed the simulation, because it reconfirmed what they already expected for their lives after high school.

“I know that after high school I will be away from my parents most of the time, and I have already began saving money for emergency situations, so I am not forced in to debt,” Morgan Choffin said.