‘War and Leisure’ is the latest R&B album you need to hear


Photo by Hypebeast

New music can be difficult to find, especially when it’s not constantly played on the radio and mainstreamed enough for you to hear. So last December, while going through a Spotify playlist, I discovered Miguel’s newest album, “War and Leisure,” and listened to every single song, each one with a different sound.

Miguel Jontel Pimentel, American singer/songwriter and producer, was raised in Los Angeles and started experimenting with music at the young age of 13. “War and Leisure” is his fourth studio album, and it’s a different sound when compared to his previous albums.

The album’s single “Sky Walker” featuring Travis Scott, is a reference to Luke Skywalker, from the “Star Wars” films. It manages to be laid-back and a party hit with electronic dance sounds that can appeal to many different audiences, as it doesn’t stick to just one genre.

On the other hand, “Banana Clip” is an upbeat love song with strong vocals, in which Miguel compares his love for someone with the power of a well-equipped firearm.

On “Harem,” Miguel reveals his idealistic views of love and is trying to prove how his relationship is perfect the way it is with his emphasis on his emotions throughout the song.

“Come Through and Chill” is one of the few collaborations of the album. It has a very relaxed vibe, to go along with the title of the song, and Miguel collabs with rapper J. Cole, who raps the main verses, and the two artists flow well together throughout.

“Caramelo Duro” is another collab that features Colombian-American singer Kali Uchis. The song is predominantly in Spanish, and makes references to sugar and candy in general multiple times. Although he had never sung in Spanish before, it proved to be a good addition to the track list because he was able to perform it with the same strength as his other songs in English, and many other artists are unable to pull off singing in another language.

“City of Angels” is a reflection on his hometown of Los Angeles and an imaginary timeline of what happened when a war struck the large city. Miguel includes the regrets he had in relationships before the city was brought to ruins. The song has a rock and R&B sound that surprisingly goes along well.

This album stands out to me more than a lot of other music that has been released recently, mostly because you can see the amount of creativity and work put into the lyrics and the sound of each track.

No matter what genre of music you prefer, Miguel’s album promises a variety of 12 new songs that can go with any of your moods. His strong vocals and large range are emphasized in every song, and the album overall promises to be successful.