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Chadwick Boseman stars in upcoming Marvel movie “Black Panther”

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Chadwick Boseman stars in upcoming Marvel movie “Black Panther”



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Another upcoming Marvel movie that’s due to be released Feb. 16, called “Black Panther”. It’s a Sci-Fi/action film that’s intended to be the 18th movie in the Marvel cinematic Universe and is directed by Ryan Coogler. The movie is about a king named T’Challa who returns home to the African nation Wakanda, in order to serve as his country’s new king and honor the throne. However he soon finds out that he is challenged for the throne from factions within his own country. In addition to this he is faced with a numerous amount of difficult situations when the reappearance of an enemy begins to create conflict. His dual roles take lead on being king and Black Panther, which determines his abilities to save the world. He must use his special yet unique abilities of super humanely senses all in order to save his people, his country and the world.

 The role of Black Panther is played by Chadwick Boseman, an American actor who is known for acting in other Marvel movies, such as “Captain America: Civil War” and is due to star in another upcoming Marvel Movie,“Avengers: Infinity War”. In an interview with Los Angeles Times Boseman revealed what he really likes about the character “Black Panther”.

 “I love how he thinks about other people, I love him because of the fantasy of playing a ruler and you never get to do that, It’s fun having a say in what happens to the people around you,” Boseman said.

In another interview, Boseman also describes how he came up with Black Panther’s accent, since the movie is set in the fictional land of Wakanda.

 “I’d gone to South Africa a couple of times for research and for filming that movie, I wanted to use whatever would inspire me for a certain sound, at one time they were thinking he’d have a European accent or an American accent,” Boseman said.

 Personally, I’m most excited about seeing all the character’s interesting costumes along with hearing their accents, I’m also looking forward to the action scenes that are going to be included when Black Panther must use his superhuman abilities in order to save the world. Furthermore I also assume that this Marvel movie must be highly unique compared to other Marvel movies since it’s set in an African based nation and the character’s have different accents.

 Marvel fans are excited yet unsure of what to expect for the upcoming movie, student Maddie Bailee announces her views on the character of Black Panther.

 “I’m most excited for the storyline since it is one of the newer characters in the Marvel Universe and I’m excited to see what they’ll do with the character of “Black Panther”. Although I have no idea what to expect since I didn’t know who the character was until Captain America: Civil War came out,” Bailee said.

 Fans such as Bailee are curious as to what to the new Marvel superhero may be like in the upcoming movie. The trailer had previously been released a few months ago on Oct. 16 and includes various insights of the action-packed film, such as a sneak-peak of the mystical yet fantasized country of Wakanda and how technologically advanced the country is by including futuristic machinery.

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Chadwick Boseman stars in upcoming Marvel movie “Black Panther”