Five Dutch Bros drinks to try


Open 24 hours, Dutch Bros provides a drink around the clock. Photo by Jadea Tisdale.

Dutch Bros is a coffee shop you can always rely on to be there. They are always ready to serve you a refreshing, sweet or energizing drink no matter the time of day. From tart to sweet, here are five drinks you should try from Dutch Bros.

Ray of Sunshine – This blackberry, peach, grapefruit rebel is extremely refreshing yet tangy and will brighten your spirits hence the name and the sugar in it. Most rebels are very sweet but the difference with this one is its tart tangy flavor.

“I love this drink because it’s sweet and sour, and I personally love that flavor,” Eve Zgguleva said.

Gummy Bear Rebel – This green drink includes kiwi, lime and white chocolate. The kiwi and lime balance out each other, and the white chocolate gives this drink a sweet flavor.

“It’s really sweet. It sometimes comes out a really pretty green,” Alicia said.

Passion Water Tea – With watermelon and passion fruit included, this drink is extremely sweet and fruity. It is very refreshing and energizing but light and free at the same time. If you don’t like coffee, Dutch Bros has many other teas just like this one that are very refreshing.

“I also really like the passion [water tea] because it’s a really pretty [peach] color, and it tastes fruity and sweet as well as refreshing too,” Alicia said.

Caramelizer Cold Pour – This drink contains the uplifting benefits of coffee and the sweet sugary flavor of caramel. It is a staple for Dutch Bros, and for some like Eisenlauer they tend to lean towards it when unsure what to buy. When he goes once or twice a week.

“I love the sweet caramel flavor,” Brandon Eisenlauer said.

Electric Berry Green Tea – It includes lime and blue raspberry. This tea completely balances out itself and gives you a sugary and sweet flavor. This drink is refreshing and all the sugar that is added to it will give you tons of energy.

Abi Luster is familiar with the drinks since she’s worked at Dutch Bros for the past two years.

“It’s sweet and blue. I know it sounds dumb to like a drink just for the color. I don’t know I really like the color of the drink it’s extremely pretty,” Luster said.