With its striking plot, ‘Hush, Hush’ is the fantasy romance novel every book lover needs to read

Photo from Becca Fitzpatrick, used with permission under fair use

Photo from Becca Fitzpatrick, used with permission under fair use

Intriguing romance, daring adventure, passion and power- all in which describe the addictive fantasy novel every girl dreams of living in their minds.

“Hush, Hush” is a four-out-of-five stars rating book that unleashes drama and vivid scenes that cause readers, and even myself, to be brought into the story and clearly see the perspective of the female protagonist.

The underrated novel holds the plot of an average high schooler, Nora Grey, who only wants to get through her years, resembling the everyday desire of all students around. That is until one day does she further realize a new chemistry approaches before her with the new, mysterious, bad boy in her biology class, Patch. The two characters fatefully are brought together and begin the cycle of falling in love with one another while facing the rocky reality of the darkness in allies and sudden figures before your eyes.

With shivers going down your spine with every flip of a new action scene, the imagery of becoming the victim itself, “Hush, Hush” captured my eyes of being one of the best fantasy, love novels out of the hundreds of books I had read in the genre.

However, one of the most interesting secrets exposed in the novel was during Nora and Patch’s intimate moment with one another and it was revealed that Patch is a fallen angel looking to be a human. The sudden discovery through the use of having the female protagonist see the past of Patch was such a fantastic twist, also considering it revealed one of Patch’s dark mysteries he left in his own world and no one else. With the start of Nora’s discovery from Patch, more fights and heated arguments were thrown at them more rapidly and dangerously.

Because the intense actions to fight for yourself, but to also protect what you truly desire and need in life, this online/store-bought novel will always be a book I can remember easily. To be brought into an alternative world with hints of mystical myths is something I believe is hard to achieve. However, author Becca Fitzpatrick had the ability to take the soul of a female student who did not give a care in the world until one simple change and bestow it onto the reader’s mind.