Mac DeMarco’s ‘This Old Dog’ is a new genre defining which will knock your socks off


One thing that interests me about artist and bands is when they grow. One artist that I’ve been following for the past two years is Mac DeMarco. Mac is a 27 year old canadian who has  been a huge driving force in the indie rock community and has a sound that lies somewhere between underground and mainstream. Demarco has obviously matured from his previous five albums. His music has an indistinguishable psychedelic rock sound with an immediately recognizable guitar and voice. He puts an effect that bends the pitch of his instruments which gives him an unques sound.  His sound has created a new style of indie music and many bands try to imitate it.


In this album self titled “This old dog,”  With 13 tracks all together, this album is a new taste to his music. The album still has his classic Mac Demarco sound but now the lyrics have a different story. Compared to writing love songs about cigarettes to sharing about other details of him we previously didn’t know before. Mac talks about the absence of his father from both tracks “watching him fade away” and “moon light on the river.”

From a Production standpoint this album has had more spent time on the audio, and the overall quality is much more professional and advanced compared to his others that he literally made in his bed room. The way he produces his music is quite different from over artists nowadays, most artists use computers to record their music but he uses what tape, which is less forgiving and can’t be manipulated like computers when the artists hits the wrong note. This album is a fresh and beautiful album that will be a good addition to your music library.