‘Blue Madonna’ is a unique album you should be listening to


Photo from Borns Official website, used with permission under fair use

After reaching popularity with his hit “Electric Love” from “Dopamine,” Borns is back with his sophomore album which includes 12 new tracks. “Blue Madonna” is mixed with both the original synth pop sound fans are accustomed to as well as a variety of experimental unique new sounds of the ‘80s-esque era with a hint of melancholy.

As the album began I was pulled into a whirling galaxy full of sugary falsettos and flamboyance created by Borns in the song “Faded Heart” both literally and figuratively as he opens the song with the line “galaxy, galaxy.”  I immediately fell in love with the ’80s glam rock feeling mixed with synth pop created by his grandiose falsettos as he goes into the chorus. I could almost feel as if I were the one pleading to my lover ,“Don’t you break my faded heart.” Borns made me feel as if he were right in front of me performing a one on one concert asking me to take care of his own “Faded Heart.”

Borns continued on a roll with a synth pop/ rock feel until I reached the song “We Don’t Care” in where he experimented with a bit of psychedelic instrumentation which I found quite refreshing. For a couple of seconds I was rather surprised as I heard a hypnotizing sitar in the background instead of his other songs where he uses instruments such as the theremin. I was immediately drawn into the song, wondering if I was listening to Borns or if somehow I switched to a song by The Beatles.

Out of all songs on “ Blue Madonna” I would have to say “We Don’t Care”  is the most socially conscious, with lyrics such as “the world’s on fire but we don’t care” almost as if Borns was trying to make a statement on how we are as a society with all the problems going on. However, the song itself did seem a bit out of place for this album due to the psychedelic sound.

One of Borns songs failed to satisfy my taste for something tasteful and unique with one of his singles “ I Don’t Want U Back”. I was immediately disgusted as Borns opened with his first line “ It was last week” , his vocals were drenched in auto- tune . I was disappointed to see his dream like voice just covered in gaudy auto tune for 3 minutes and 50 seconds.

I did enjoy the atmosphere Borns created with the melancholy chords pushing and pulling me to go back in forth between feeling as if I were facing the problem in the song making me think I should miss someone and knowing I shouldn’t.  The album is gracefully crafted with uniqueness and enough entrancing balance of old and new to keep anyone listening for days on end. 

Available on:

iTunes- https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/blue-madonna/1325979828

Spotify –https://open.spotify.com/album/0mzh0tCNFhxE2mSWxB4ufh

Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/user/BORNSOfficialVEVO/featured