Beginning culinary students host teacher luncheon

As Culinary I prepares for their luncheon on May 8, Ashley Aria cuts chicken into bits to place into a petite sandwich. Photo by Kaily Saechao
While taking techniques from the previous classes, students roll out scone dough and prep them for baking. Photo by Kaily Saechao
Prepping to bake, Makenna Johnson places the cut out squares of dough on a cookie sheet. Photo by Kaily Saechao
Johnathan Brookshier from Culinary I places a cookie sheet with the blueberry scones on it into the oven. Photo by Kaily Saechao
After dicing the chicken, Ashley Aria puts all the chicken in a mixing bowl. Photo by Steven Gutierrez
After preparing the food, the students line up all the ingredients into multiple mixing bowls. Photo by Steven Gutierrez
As students prepare to cook the rest of the lunch, one station involves preparing blueberry scones to bake. Photo by Steven Gutierrez
When the students finish preparing and cooking the luncheon, they start washing the dishes and cleaning their stations. Photo by Steven Gutierrez