Dancers reveal perspectives on Quarry Bowl performance

During the first half of the Quarry Bowl game on September 14th, dancers cheer on the football team before performing in the halftime show. Photo by Paige Alcala.

The Quarry Bowl performance is such an important part of the night, and the crowd gets to witness the halftime show, but not everyone knows what leads up to it.

“To prepare for Quarry Bowl, our team had several practices in order to learn the routine, and then we had to practice with the Rocklin dance team also, in order to come together in the kick line,” Chloe Darbo said.           

Not only did the dance team have many of their own practices, but they had to find the time to work with the Rocklin team as well. They had three afternoon practices from 3-4:30 p.m., two morning practices that started at 6:30 a.m., and another practice from 3-5 p.m. Practices took place over the course of two weeks, but even with all the practices, dance team members still felt nervous before the show.

“I was super excited to perform at my first Quarry Bowl this year, but I was also very nervous due to the fact that Rocklin was hosting, which made it harder to set our formations at morning practice,” Darbo said.

The dancers said they were proud of how they practiced and performed their routine out on the field at halftime.

“All of our hard work really came together in the end and we did such an amazing job. I couldn’t be happier with how my first Quarry Bowl performance went,” Camma Musser said.

A senior on the dance team, Taylor Williams has a different perspective.

“I think it’s the strongest Quarry Bowl performance we’ve delivered as a team, but I’m also sad as it was my last Quarry Bowl as a Whitney student, which is bittersweet,” Williams said.

The dancers get to share their experience with not only their own team, but Rocklin’s as well. Williams enjoyed spending her last Quarry Bowl with the new friends that she had made throughout the routine.

“The Rocklin High dance team girls I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know during the combined routine this year were so sweet and made the performance even more fun to participate in,” Williams said.

Kamyrn Daughters has had a similar experience with the kickline routine that brings the two rival schools together during halftime.

“I’m going to remember the memories I made with not only our team but also Rocklin’s dance team! I love that we always coordinate a kickline with them,” Daughters said.

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