Ariana Grande tells exes ‘Thank U, Next’ in timely, addictive track


Photo from Republic Records, used with permission under fair use.

Name dropping in the music industry is one popular way to get your message across in a diss track. Often it starts heated arguments that headline every entertainment source. But Nov. 3, Ariana Grande dropped a new song that named all her exes but was the opposite of a diss: a “Thank U” track.

Amidst the breakup with ex-fiancee Pete Davidson, this song was something that I was almost expecting from Grande. The positivity involved on this track was reflected in the chill vibes of the underlying soundtracks. Rather than showcasing her powerful range, that can be seen in her other songs like “No Tears Left to Cry,” she maintains a soft melody throughout. Impressive high notes or not, she still has flawless control over her vocals; no matter how little of a fan you may be, you really can’t deny her talent.

This song is quite simplistic in its composition, as her chorus repeats “thank you, next” several times. No matter how much the track grooves, its overall message and intentions overpower the musicality itself. By opening with the names of her exes, she emphasizes that she isn’t bitter about any of the past relationships. I truly respect how she acknowledges them, especially having a reputation as someone who jumps from one person to the next. Other artists can’t compare in this aspect of maturity and responsibility.

Wish I could say ‘Thank you’ to Malcolm, ‘cause he was an angel.

If this track was to diss anyone, it would be all of the people shaming her “many” relationships. She says in the song that she “met someone else,” and that “this one gon’ last.” However, this someone else is “Ari,” and it is herself that she loves now.

The small difference between the first and second pre-chorus is what makes the whole song brilliantly written. At first, it was someone else that taught her love, patience and pain. Later on, it was Grande herself that allowed her to experience those sensations. Self love has been a common message among various artists, like BTS and Dua Lipa, and Grande reinforces it in this powerful release.

It was important to Grande to explain to the whole world that she isn’t suffering from these breakups, but it was even more important to explain that she loves herself the most. Coming from someone who never followed her music intensely, I can even easily say that the underlying messages of “Thank U, Next” were beautifully composed.

Loving oneself should be placed before loving another. Grande did a wonderful job on conveying that message, and my respect for her has elevated greatly because of this specific song.

“Thank U, Next” is available on iTunes or the Google Play Store for $1.29.