Holiday Movies to watch this upcoming season


CBS /Landov

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a holiday classic. In this clip of the movie, Hermey the elf is with mistreated Rudolph.

With the start of December, the holiday season is truly here. This season is hopefully filled with love and joy and lots of family time. As you cuddle on the couch and log onto Netflix or Hulu, immediately the holiday movies that recently came out, along with your favorite classics, pop up on your screen.


If you love cheesy romance movies, these movies are perfect for you! Although these movies have the same basic guidelines: a conceited, egotistical person has a life-changing event, meeting the future love of their life, they will still make you get in the mood for the holidays and want that special someone to share it with. However, if those cheesy movies aren’t your cup of tea, there is always the good ol’ classics and some new releases to truly get you in the holiday spirit!


The latest releases that are surely on the must-watch list.

  • “The Holiday Calendar”

A photographer stuck in a bad job inherits an advent calendar that seems to predict her love life. While it is obvious of who will end up with who, the romance in the air is strong, mingled with great laughs and plenty of drama to keep the tea hot. And it defies the basic protocol as the lovers are both struggling together.

  • “The Christmas Chronicles”

Two kids struggling during their first Christmas without their dad go on an adventure with Santa Claus to save Christmas. This is a true Christmas movie, avoiding the normal cliches, this movie is sure to get anyone in the holiday spirit! Complete with the idea that family is the most important throughout the festive season.

  • “The Princess Switch”

A hilarious, classic look-alike switcheroo trick set in the winter-time is sure to set sparks flying. A dutchess switches places with a baker in order to understand the “normal” life. Even though it is a basic Christmas movie, full of romance, there is a sufficient amount of plot twists to keep the watchers caught.

  • “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding”

Bringing back the favorite main characters, this sequel was full of action with a plot twist midway! Amber and Richard plan their very elaborate wedding, however other events seem to get in the way of their relationship. This movie taught us the lesson of never forgetting what really matters, even with other matters. Very cute movie, however, I must admit the first movie was much more in the holiday spirit!


The movies that come up every year and never fail to get millions of views.

  • “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

It’s an overall classic! A very unpleasant, who-hating grouch decides to go down to Whoville to steal all of the presents and decorations. Even though it came out in 2000, this movie never fails to play on millions of TVs across the globe.

  • “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”

It is the story that everyone knows! Mistreated reindeer, Rudolph, constantly gets made fun of for his red nose, until the day he saves Christmas by leading Santa’s sleigh. Since this movie came out before 2000, the animation is old-fashioned, however, the movie is still a hit. A true classic that will always get you in the mood for the holidays complete with a nice cup of cocoa.


My overall favorite holiday movie is “The Holiday Calendar”. This movie is a perfect set of romance throughout the winter season filled with hilariously relatable moments. The acting is strong and you can see the true chemistry between the actors. As an avid watcher of classic holiday movies, I can safely say all these movies are worth a watch!