Students on what is currently bothering them

November 17, 2020


Isaac Zuniga

“Being at home all the time, not being able to go to Disneyland like [my family and I] always used to do, since we had Disneyland passes. But it’s shut down, you can’t go.”


Vanessa Bezman

“Mondays. I don’t like how they are weirdly rotated [in the hybrid schedule]. I think they should just take them out.”


Aidan Barkve

“Homework, for every class. There is just a lot of it. Language arts is my hardest class, and it’s the class that assigns the most homework.”


Dev Kumar

“Racism. All these people dying, it’s unnecessary.”


Emma Bleecker

“School. The classes are too long. Biology literally feels like 10 hours. My classes in middle school were shorter, so they feel longer now.”


Jordan Craft

“I park my car right underneath the tree at my house, and the birds love to [poop] all over my car. I have to get it washed every two weeks.”


Amelia Kong

“People are forgetting that we settled for Biden, and they are praising him, and giving him all this credit, and saying ‘oh I love him so much.’ But we settled, he was just the lesser evil.”


Titus Hutcherson

“School. I don’t like how we aren’t with our friends and how we are all split up. I just don’t like the hybrid schedule.”


Cole Jamieson

“COVID. It is really annoying. School isn’t normal, we have to keep up with the weird schedule. Cross country is different, we don’t know if we are going to have a season or not, but we are still training. I want to do well in [cross country] my senior year.”


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