Q&A with TJ Lowe


Q: How do you make the clothes for your brand, PSYCHO?
A: “I do more than just clothes, so for the clothes I make items myself. I embroider with a machine, and I use a sewing machine to create things. But with my other products, like the beanies, I’ll order them and sew my own stuff on, or I design the posters and I go through a company that will produce them for me.”


Q: How much do your items cost?
A: They range from about $10 to $35 depending on what you’re getting.


Q: When did you start making clothes?
A: I started about four months ago, like for my brand specifically, but I’ve been making clothes since I was younger. I’ve been planning this stuff for about a year now.


Q: In what direction do you plan to take your business in the future?
A: It would be pretty cool to see it in the mall, or either like a main line, or just one of those like shops that you can only find in like one place.


Q: What have been the highest and lowest points so far?
A: One of the lowest points is when I lost all motivation to do it. My highest point would be right now because I’m being interviewed — that’s pretty snazzy.


Q: At what time did you reach your lowest point?
A: Kind of when school started. It wasn’t because it was hard to balance anything, it kinda just was like, I didn’t know if I wanted to do it anymore cuz I kinda got nervous. [I thought,] “Would anyone even like this stuff?


Q: Do you work with anybody to make the items, or is it just you?
A: For some of the things, it is just me. Sometimes I work with companies — not like really like big companies, but I work with companies to produce the stuff — no legal agreements, though, because I am underage.


Q: Where can you find your business?
A: You can find it on Instagram at PSYCHO.shops. I am trying to get an Etsy shop, but that is not open yet.


Q: How do you price your items?
A: I take up all of the costs it takes to make it. Then I add on at least $5 so that I get a little profit. I don’t do it for the money; I do it for the fun. The money is a pretty cool bonus.


Q: Is there anything else you would like readers to know?
A: If you text PSYCHO.shops on Instagram that you saw this on online, you can get 10% off any item.