Q&A with Kendall Warner


Photo by Carson Nichols.

Q: As someone who is part of the dance team and ASB, you have two big activites in your schedule. How does that work?
A: I try my best to balance both because I made a commitment to both, and I hold a leadership position in both.


Q: Do you ever have to prioritize one or the other, and what’s that like?
A: Yes. On [football season] game days, obviously, I have to prioritize being a performer because my team needs me on the track. During home games, I cannot be in the student section and show my leadership support. I know Anna [Fishburn] goes through the same thing, and that helps.


Q: Walk us through a typical day where you have both activities.
A: So first, at 6:30 a.m., I have an executive board meeting, then I have a class. Then I have leadership and peer teaching for dance. Then at 2:55, I have dance team practice, where we prepare our football routines for a couple of hours. Then I go to work until around 9:30.


Q: What sets your group of dance team captains apart from past groups?
A: Well, we have all been four-year members, and we are all best friends. This year we wanted to kind of do away with the idea of seniority. We worked really hard on that. I think it made our team a lot closer. I feel just as close with the freshmen as my senior friends. The team has really thrived this year as a family.


Q: What sets you and the other ASB officers apart from those in the past?
A: This year the four of us tried to really hone in on our subcommittees. For example, I am in charge of publications and spirit.


Q: What/who pushed you to pursue both?
A: Freshman year, I was only a part of the dance program, and my captain was a Voice of Whitney High School. She encouraged me to become part of leadership. The following year, I applied and made it in. I am so glad I got into the program. I guess I just saw the love for the program from everyone in it, and the energy was really infectious.


Q: How did your captain’s love for the program inspire you?
A: I saw how kind she was. Something I noticed was that she always wanted better. For her peers, for the dance team and for leadership. I think I have that, too. I want better for everyone. That’s why I joined the dance team and leadership.