Q&A with Maggie SanJuan


Photo by Wynette Calunsag.

Q: What got you into art?

A: Growing up, my mom has been super involved with art, so she pushed me and my brother to do it. She exposed us to different music and art styles, so that’s really what got me into it. 


Q: What motivates you to continue art?

A: For me, it’s something that makes me happy and it also helps with stress. When I’m stressed out, I like to do art. And when I need a gift for someone, I would design something for them. It brings me a lot of joy and comfort. 


Q: What is one of your own favorite art pieces and why?

A: When I first got into designing hoodies, a cow skull, the first design I did, is probably the thing I’m most proud of. It’s been a year of having it, but it has still held up its quality and still looks so pretty. 


Q: How do you incorporate art into the STARS program?

A: Being in the STARS program has been super interesting for me, because the grade I got was second grade at Quarry Trail Elementary. They do a lot of arts and crafts with learning, so I’ve noticed it’s a great way to teach and educate kids on a specific subject while including art. It’s something I do that I like; I definitely like working with younger grades because they do a lot of art. 


Q: Why is the Art Club an important club on our campus?

A: It brings a lot of exposure and shows our students’ talents. I think for the past couple years, especially with COVID, a lot of the art students were not focused on a lot. On campus, with the art program, it felt like we weren’t noticed at all. Even now, we are slowly getting out there and showing that there are students here who have crazy amount of talent. They need to show their art, and it also helps with students learning how to promote their art. That is one of our key ideas, teaching business and how to post your art and say “This is what I created”. It just brings a lot of life to the campus and to the people. 


Q: When and how did you start hiking?

A: I’ve always done it with my family growing up, but I got really serious about it into sophomore year, as I started hiking a lot. Then at the end of last year, I started hiking with Leah Winter, the current president of the Hiking Club, and that’s when we decided to start the club. 


Q: What is your favorite part about hiking?

A: The beauty of it, it’s really interesting because any place you can go, you find something cool or new. No matter if it’s a small path or something crazy in the woods, you find something unique about a spot. You can also find your favorite spots that can have certain meanings to you. 


Q: Why should other people get into hiking?

A: I think it’s a great, simple activity to do, especially if you’re not big on sports but still want to stay active. Also, with the club, Leah is studying environmental science and marine bio, so she’s offering that kind of aspect. It helps with people who are very into nature and want to study it, too. 


Q: How do you hope to incorporate your skills after you graduate?

A: My goal for college is to study art and education, and I’m lucky enough to reach out to resources and get in contact with people. It’s helped me a lot because I know that with specific resources, it can help me intern or help me do certain things to help my future. It’s also a guessing game to see where I go because art is a tricky subject; it’s unpredictable.