Q & A: Nayeli Glaude on social media and its effects on daily life


Outside of C-2, Nayeli Glaude takes a selfie on Snapchat to send to a friend during lunch Sept. 22. Photo by Alexis Dashnyam

Nayeli Glaude downloaded her first social media app, Instagram, when she was in sixth grade. Five years later, she has 1,040 followers on Instagram with a post count of 34. She has been building her social media image by consistently posting her daily experiences, such as trips to different cities, a variety of concerts, and moments with friends. When posting, Glaude said she makes sure her post feed matches a minimalistic look and gives people a look at her favorite parts of her life. She said she finds social media to be a great place to interact with new people as well as her friends. 

Q: How does social media affect your style choices?

A: Social media affects all aspects of [all] our lives. For me, social media affects what I wear and how I wear it. Fashion trends are spread through the media, which is why I enjoy seeing so many fashion shows and celebrities all on my phone. I see what people are wearing and how I can change it a little to make it fit me. I mostly get fashion insp[iration] from Pinterest and watch fashion shows on Netflix or streaming services. I get insp[iration] from people like Emma Chamberlain, Kendall Jenner, and people who were on some of my favorite shows from the 90s and 2000s.

Q: Has social media changed your music taste? If so, how?

A: Just like fashion, my music taste is also enriched by the media. Because of social media, I have been able to discover so many new artists and music, therefore shifting what I listen to daily. Artists like Steve Lacy and Harry Styles are some of my favorite songwriters I have found through the media. 

Q: How do social media affect your mentality?

A: Social media can affect my mentality and how I think both positively and negatively. Sometimes social media can uplift me and encourage me in different ways, however, it can also make me self-conscious. I try and surround myself with the good parts about social media and not the bad so I don’t have to worry about me feeling bad about myself for no reason. 

Q: For you personally, is social media addictive? If so, how?

A: I would say that social media is addictive because you can tell yourself that you’ll only be on it for a couple of minutes and it ends up being a couple of hours. 

Q: What social media platform are you most active on? Why?

A: I would say I am most active on Snapchat just because that’s the main app where I get to talk to many of my friends and see what they’re doing.

Q: If you had the opportunity, is social media something you’d want to pursue as a career?

A: I would not want to pursue a career in social media just because I would like to go into the fashion industry instead. However, that may incorporate social media.

Q: Could you survive with our social media for a month? Why or why not?

A: I would like to say I could survive without social media for a month but honestly it has such a hold on my life that it would definitely be difficult. In the end, though, I believe it could truly benefit me and my mental health. 

Q: On average, how many hours a week do you spend on social media? Why do you think you spend so much/little time on social media? 

A: On average I spend about two hours on social media a day, so roughly 14 hours a week. It’s so crazy to see the numbers because that’s so much time I could be doing other things that could help my well-being more than just sitting on social media. Nevertheless, social media is addictive and I think that’s why it’s so hard to simply put the phone down.